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I met Grob during the Pandemic period. At that time, how could we all use our house, garden and living spaces with the feeling of being stuck between four wallsRead MoreWe sought an answer to the question of whether we can make it a livable place. Just in this period, my search for furniture for my summer house, which I bought to breathe, started, and the items I bought online started to arrive one by one. It was important for me to give a warm and livable image while decorating a new house. Grob's Terezzo coffee table was exactly the product I was looking for with its natural stone, solid legs and design. The Mighty Coffee Table and Nefes single armchair that I saw while examining the store were also as simple as I had imagined. Of course, I immediately placed my product orders. The service I received from here was truly excellent. The products were delivered carefully packed in transport boxes to avoid damage. I would like to thank Dear Canan Hanım, the founder of the group, for doing her job with love and accompanying the stories of many houses with her simple and stylish designs 🌼 I think the more beautiful our house looks, the more beautiful and special we feel." Close

Semra Ökünç

DRead our chair fits very well in our living room. I would like to thank your masters before you….. I did a lot of research, I'm glad I chose you.Read More It was greatly appreciated. Also, I wish you a happy Republic Day. Respects... Close

Ali Bey

I met Grob during the Pandemic period. It brings beauty to whichever corner of my house I put it. now red together Read MoreWe are getting ready to welcome New Year's Eve with green and green. Thank you very much for this beautiful coffee table that gives me nostalgic smells.Close

Nazlı Hanım

I worked with Grob Design after a long search. As a designer, who understands my design language, where we can dream and design together, Read MoreIt was very important for me to work with a quality-oriented place. Not only the quality of the product, but everyone I came in contact with was very interested and skilled in their work. I enjoy using my 2 vildir products.Close

Pelin Hanım

We will help you choose the right pieces for your home with the ideas we will prepare for you. You can have an idea by examining our gallery and you can contact us.

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  • Bravery

    We are not afraid of traditional designs, familiar attitudes and the challenges of the industry, on the contrary, we challenge them.

  • Sincerity

    Our relationship with our customers is at the center of everything we do.

  • Optimism

    There is a side of us that always looks on the bright side in everything we do.

  • Made in Anatolia

    We are very proud that all our furniture is produced in the best production facilities in the country.

  • A Better World

    As Grob Design, we believe in a better world, we produce, work and consume with the utmost care.

As Grob+s design office; We carry the minimal stance and functionality of our designs to your entire living space with the philosophy of simplification!

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Corporate Projects

With the Grob Corporate service, we carry our simple design philosophy to your offices and workplaces, with the aim of using common living spaces in the most efficient way.

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